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Hitachi Koki News Release

Hitachi Koki Reborn

2017 has ushered an exciting, fresh start for our company. We have committed to accelerate growth alongside a dynamic new partner as we pursue our goal to become a global leader in power tools and life-science instruments. As part of this new chapter, I'm proud to announce that we will change our company name to Koki Holdings in June 2018. And, with great excitement, I'm thrilled to announce that effective October 2018, our current brand which has been familiar with "HITACHI" will become a new brand known as "HiKOKI".

Our advance into this new stage of development is, for me, an occasion to reflect upon our prestigious 70-year history. During my tenure, I have grown in my conviction that our company's success rests upon three core pillars: highly innovative technology, high reliability, and strong business growth...

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Hitachi Koki Reborn

Hitachi's New C7SB3 185mm Circular Saw focused on Power, Speed and Durability.

The C7SB3 offers high performance with its heavy duty high speed motor allowing faster cutting across multiple applications.

Strength is assured thanks to the die-cast aluminium base increasing durability. Hitachi also incorporates a scale to enable accurate cutting with ease.

Through innovative design, the C7SB3 remains compact and lightweight improving comfort and handling

Further features such as its integrated dust blower, easy tool-less bevel adjustment and anti-slip handle compliment the saw to increase user comfort and convenience...

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c7sb3 185mm circular saw

Cut and Grind to the MAX with Hitachi’s New G13BY 1,700W 125mm Angle Grinder.

Compact yet powerful, the high performance G13BY is made in Germany and features a huge 1,700W motor capable of tackling the toughest jobs.

Equipped with a Fast Brake System, a mechanical brake stops the disc within 2 seconds after switching off for increased user protection.

The G13BY includes UVP (User Vibration Protection) by integrating an auto-balancer that uses a ball system to even out any imbalance of the grinding disc greatly reducing vibrations. This feature combined with our anti-vibration side handle significantly increases comfort and reduces user fatigue.

Further safety features include Slip Clutch, Restart Protection Control, Soft Start Speed Control, Overload Protection and an Electronic Signal Indicator improve user safety...

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g13by 125mm angle grinder with uvp and brake

Take the Hedge Off with Hitachi’s New CH55Y 550mm Electric Hedge Trimmer.

Made in Germany, the CH55Y features superior blade teeth diamond ground on both sides at a 30° angle creating a cleaner cut. The special geometry also generates less wear extending service life by approximately 200%.

Equipped with a safety clutch mechanism to protect the blades and gears if debris or large branches stops the blades. This helps to maintain tool performance and also extends service life.

The CH55Y incorporates a large 20mm branch cutting capacity enabling the user to powerfully penetrate through thick bush.

Featuring Mechanical Quick Blade Stop, the blade stops within 0.05 seconds of releasing the switch increasing user safety...

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550mm electric hedge trimmer

New 150mm Random Orbital Sander - SV15YC

Hitachi Power Tools Australia is pleased to announce the release of our brand new 150mm random orbital sander, SV15YC into the Australian market.

The SV15YC is made in Germany and features both Dual Orbit and TurboBoost options.

Dual Orbit allows the orbit diameter to be changed between 2.8mm and 6.2mm allowing greater versatility across multiple applications from fine sanding through to high stock removal.

Our TurboBoost function enables the tool to be switched to maximum speed during operation regardless of the variable dial setting for maximum stock removal...

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150mm Random Orbital Sander with Variable Speed

New 18V 125mm Brushless Angle Grinders – G18DBL & G18DBBAL

Hitachi Power Tools Australia is pleased to announce the release of 2 brand new 18V 125mm brushless angle grinders, the G18DBL and G18DBBAL.

Packed with safety features, these grinders are equipped with anti-kickback protection, overload protection, soft start motor and anti-vibration handles creating a safer workplace environment. The G18DBBAL also includes our Fast Brake System which utilises an electronic brake to stop the disc rotating within 2 seconds*.

Both grinder models contain an Auto Mode function which conserves energy by reducing rpm in standard operation and as the load increases the rpm will automatically increase for greater efficiency...

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125mm Brushless Angle Grinders

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