Hitachi Power Tools Australia is pleased to announce the release of our brand new High Performance Demolition Hammer the H65SB3 into the Australian market.

AC 18kg Demolition Hammer

The H65SB3 is the highest performing demolition hammer in its class. It also outperforms the previous Hitachi model (H65SB2) by approximately 19%. This is thanks to the optimised striking specifications and the large heavy duty cylindrical striker.

With high impact energy of 45 Joules and 1400 Blows per Minute, the H65SB3 is designed for the toughest of jobs and will tackle the most demanding demolition jobs with ease.

The H65SB3 is equipped with UVP (User Vibration Protection). The user vibration protection system reduces vibration to a tri-axial vibration value of 15.5m/s² by combining an optimising hammering mechanism and shock-absorbing construction with a low vibration rear handle. This makes the H65SB3 Demolition Hammer comfortable for prolonged periods of use.

It is also fitted with a large switch lever and lock-on button that is positioned close to the switch lever; this allows the user to run the tool continuously with no interruptions. Combined with a soft grip rear handle that fits comfortably in the hand and a 360° rotating side handle, the H65SB3 offers a more comfortable grip and improve handling.

It comes complete with a bull point and chisel as standard, and a 3 year limited commercial use warranty. A full range of genuine accessories including points, chisels, scoops, tamping pads, star post socket and earth rod adaptor are also available sold separately. Talk to your nearest Hitachi Power Tools distributor today.

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