Take the Hedge Off with Hitachi’s New CH55Y 550mm Electric Hedge Trimmer.

Made in Germany, the CH55Y features superior blade teeth diamond ground on both sides at a 30° angle creating a cleaner cut. The special geometry also generates less wear extending service life by approximately 200%.

550mm electric hedge trimmer

Equipped with a safety clutch mechanism to protect the blades and gears if debris or large branches stops the blades. This helps to maintain tool performance and also extends service life.

The CH55Y incorporates a large 20mm branch cutting capacity enabling the user to powerfully penetrate through thick bush.

Featuring Mechanical Quick Blade Stop, the blade stops within 0.05 seconds of releasing the switch increasing user safety.

A 3 Switch handle system includes an additional rear switch generating up to 50% more reach for increased versatility across multiple applications.

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