The Hitachi Deep Cut 165mm Brushless Circular Saw has landed!

Product Launch - Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The revolutionary new 18v Slide Brushless 165mm Deep Cut Circular Saw from Hitachi reaches depths that most 184mm circular saws cannot. The C18DBAL achieves a remarkable 66mm depth of cut making it one of the deepest cutting cordless circular saws on the market. This amazing feat has been made possible through a very clever design that utilizes the legendary Hitachi brushless motor reducing size and weight while increasing power and performance.

C18DBAL(H4) - 184mm circular saws

Not only will the C18DBAL cut deep, the performance is outstanding with the ingenious rotation speed change over function which allows dual mode settings. The silent mode setting reduces the max motor RPM enabling efficient work with less noise and when the load increases during Silent mode, the tool will automatically switch over to Power mode and revert back to Silent mode when the load decreases. In Power mode, no change is made to Silent mode even when the load decreases.

As always, Hitachi has included state of the art safety features such as overload protection which cuts off the power to the motor in the event of overloading the motor or a conspicuous reduction in rotational speed during operation protecting the user from harm and the motor and battery from damage. The C18DBAL is also fitted with further safety features such as soft start to reduce kick back on start-up and an electric brake that rapidly stop blade rotation once the trigger is released.

Other features such as tool-less cutting depth lever and bevel adjustment are included for quick fine tuning and the body has been designed with rubber buffers to protect motor housing from damage and for easy standing while changing blades.

At only 3.2kg and 294mm in length with centre balanced form, the C18DBAL is one of the most lightweight and compact cordless circular saws on the market. The Hitachi C18DBAL includes, as standard, a high quality TCT blade and wrench and for added peace of mind, Hitachi offers the C18DBAL with a 3year warranty.

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